Music no.14: Metronomy.

Joseph Mount has created “Metronomy” while he was still in Devom, as a side project to the various band in which he played drums. He always said that all these bands were dissolved because of girlfriends. Using an outdated computer sold to him by his father, Mount began to create his own electronic compositions. The name Metronomy, with reference to the metronome, was chosen because it fits in with two bands that Mount was listening frequently, Autechre and Funkstorung.
The band released three albums “Pip Payne” in 2006, “Nights Out” in 2008. “The English Riviera Inglese” in 2011. The English Riviera will launch the group to the general public thanks to songs like “The Look” and “The Bay”. This morning we start with the right look listening to “The look” hoping that you like it. 
Have a good day people!
Joseph Mount ha creato “Metronomy” mentre viveva ancora nel Devom, come progetto collaterale alle varie band in cui suonava la batteria. Ha sempre detto che tutte queste band si fossero sciolte a causa delle fidanzate. Usando un computer obsoleto vendutogli dal padre, Mount ha iniziato a creare proprie composizioni elettroniche. Il nome Metronomy, col riferimento al metronomo, è stato scelto perché in sintonia con due band che Mount allora ascoltava di frequente, gli Autechre e i Funkstorung. La band ha all’attivo tre album “Pip Payne” del 2006, “Nights out” del 2008. “The English Riviera” del 2011. The English Riviera lancerà il gruppo verso il grande pubblico grazie a brani come “The look” e “the bay”. Stamattina partiamo con il piglio giusto ascoltando “The look” sperando sia di vosto gradimento!
Buona giornata gente!
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